Care Tips

How to care for your Cashmere

For caring the Cashmere garments, Knitwear products you have keep in mind few things:

  1. For washing do not bleach, Squeeze gently and most importantly do not twist or wring. Dry flat after removing excess water, keep away from the direct heat and sunlight. Press with damp cloth using cool iron. Cleaning them in washing machines is prohibited it can distort the shape and quality of Cashmere.
  2. For storing Cashmere sweater and garments do check carefully for leaks, dampness and sunlight. Fold clothes or pack them neatly in tissue paper bag and store them in a closet away from light, dust and dampness.
  3. To wearing Cashmere garment you need to remember few things. Do not wear Cashmere garment next to rough clothing, metal costume jewelry, bracelets, belts and rough leather items such as leather bag.

Pilling is caused by abrasion during regular use. It often develops around elbows, on the seat of skirts, and in areas rubbed by bag or briefcase, even a sea belt. Soft; fuzzy surfaces are more susceptible than others. So for Cashmere Products some pilling is normal after repeated usage. To avoid piling it is important not to allow the Cashmere garment to rub against rough clothing, metal accessories bags and belts.

To remove pills just manually pick them off. Do not rub or brush a Cashmere garment.