About Us

Welcome To Cashmere Land

Quality, efficiency, and productivity are important. So are human and ethical values. This aspect of  CASHMERE LAND & CASHMERE HOUSE  has been a priority for owners PRADEEP ( PD ) and SUBITA  since they founded the business in 2001. Specializing in high-quality, cashmere hand woven & knits in the premium segment, CASHMERE LAND & CASHMERE HOUSE  stands for elegant, pure, coveted fashion and luxury articles as well as for a strong sense of responsibility with respect to fairer, ethically correct manufacturing conditions.

From the very beginning, CASHMERE LAND & CASHMERE HOUSE has made a major contribution to sustainable business development in all of its production sites,

Together with cashmere, the luxurious, comfortable, and soft touch is unequalled. The manufacturing process meets the same Fair Trade standards as the pure Cashmere Collection. Additional finishing takes place under fair conditions at the company’s own production sites in KATHMANDU ,NEPAL.

Fashion from CASHMERE LAND & CASHMERE HOUSE  not only is a popular product but also guarantees ethically correct goods, fair business dealings for all participants, sustainable pricing.